Crossroads Community Church


11-3-2019 Bulletin

crossroads community church
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athens, georgia 30601
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pastor morris bio

Date / Place of Birth -  I was born on Jan 16, 1954 in Athens Ga. and have lived here all my life.
Education / Experience - I have a BBA from UGA and I graduated in 1978.  I have been Pastor of Crossroads Church since 1988.

Salvation Experience - I was saved when I was 9 years old and felt the call to ministry around the age of 15. I went on my first missions trip to Costa Rica when I was 17. After finishing college, I remained in the family business until I started pastoring in 1988.
Favorite Things about Crossroads - The things I like about Crossroads the most are the people and the style of worship. I love working with Chris and the many volunteers who help make Crossroads what it is.
Family members - My wife Joy and I got married in 1976. We have two daughters, Kellie and Kerrie. Kellie is married to Adam Speir and Kerrie is married to Matthew Lang. Joy and I have three grandsons and two granddaughters. We are very thankful for our sons-in-law and what they bring to our family. My mother and father are still very active in the church, along with my 3 brothers, Lamar, David, & Jeff.
Hobbies - My hobbies have changed as the years have gone by. I used to love to play softball, but the abilities are no longer there. However, I still enjoy re-building cars and I enjoy picture framing. I also own a worm farm.
Secret Ambition - One of my secret ambitions is to pitch the winning game of the World Series.