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11-3-2019 Bulletin

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russell cash bio

Date/Place of Birth – I was born on November 26, 1968 and was raised in Commerce, GA.

Salvation Experience – I grew up attending Maysville Baptist Church with my family. I received Jesus Christ as my Savior in the summer of 1980.

Spiritual Experiences – During my high school years I strayed from God and fell into sin. In 1985 I was 16 years old with baby on the way! I got married during my junior year of school. My wife, Alison was 18! I had to quit school and start taking care of my family. We were kids raising kids!!! We had messed up! Big Time!!!  The second year of our marriage God really dealt with us about our sin and loved us back into a right relationship with Him! In 1987 we rededicated our lives to Christ and began to hunger for more of God’s Spirit. In the next 10 years we served as youth directors, Sunday school teachers, camp counselors and any other position we could use to tell teenagers NOT to make the same mistake we made in our teen years! (Gen. 50:20, Rom. 8:28.)  On August 29, 1989 God spoke to Alison and me about His call upon our life together.  In 1990 I began attending Beulah Heights Bible College in Atlanta. In 1994 I was licensed with the Congregational Holiness Church.  In 1997, I was ordained and became the Lead Pastor at Eagle’s Nest Christian Fellowship of Ila, for 10 years. Then we became the Lead Pastors of Cornerstone Christian Center in Madison, GA for 5 years.  We have been at Crossroads since 2013. We are having the time of our lives serving students of all ages at our church!! We LOVE our church FAMILY!
Family Members – My immediate family includes my wife, Alison and our two children, Kevin and Alyssa. Kevin is married to Lauren Sapp. They have Henry, Caroline, and Millie. Alyssa is married to Sean Benner. They have Eleanor and Olivia will be here soon!!! God has richly blessed us!!! We are honored to be a part of what God is doing at Crossroads!